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Massage Therapy
A Personal Touch:
We’ll Take Care of You!

What To Expect From Your Massage

Upon your arrival, I will review your health history questionnaire, and discuss the type of massage that you are looking for that particular day. I will ask you to remove only the clothes and jewelry that you feel comfortable. A sheet will cover you to provide warmth and modesty. The only part of your body that will be uncovered will be the part that is being massaged at the time.

Expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for your massage. I will play music during your massage. Some people find music to be relaxing, while others find it distracting. Let me know your preference. Please feel free to give honest feedback to me regarding all aspects of your massage at any time. It is important for you to be as comfortable during your massage, as you can be. Everyone has different needs – I rely on your feedback to understand your specific needs.

After your massage is finished, I will leave the room as you take your time dressing. When you are dressed, slightly open the door. I will return for your payment, and to answer any further questions you may have.


How To Make The Most of Your Massage

  • Do not eat 1 hour before your session
  • Do drink water before your session!
  • Be Relaxed!
  • Talk only if you want
  • Be aware of your body
  • State your requests
  • Enjoy Yourself!



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Important Announcement

I am currently not accepting massage clients to focus on raising my children. I plan to go back to full-time massage therapy at some point, and this site will announce it when that happens. Until then, I am only offering occasional services in one of the two areas below:


Infant Massage Lessons

I can teach one or both parents how to massage their infant or child for the baby's well-being and to develop a special bond with them.
Learn Infant Massage »


Corporate Chair Massage

I also offer on-site seated chair massage in your place of business. I carry liability insurance and provide all necessary items to create a relaxing atmosphere. Massages are usually scheduled in 10 to 15 minute time blocks per employee, with fees being $1.00 per minute. You must schedule at least a one hour timeblock with me.

Chair MassageYou may choose to provide this as a benefit for your employees, or have employees pay for the sessions individually. On-site chair massage is great for conventions, trade shows, appreciation days, or employee incentives. Take care of your employees, and they will take care of you.





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